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IV Therapy to Get You Through the Holiday Season Intact

It is a word that defines so much that happens over the holiday season: food, drinks, stress, sweets, and maybe lounging around a little more than typical. IV therapy at Immersion Health can help you mitigate the consequences of your indulgences along the way and help you more quickly and fully recover once the season has passed.

Dr. Nigh has formulated a set of IV drips to help you get through the season without feeling like it has taken a toll on your health.

DeStress Drip

With extra magnesium and a large dose of the amino acids taurine and glycine, this drip has a set of nutrients to help calm your nervous system, ease both mental and physical tension, and keep your battery charged. As a bonus, many of these nutrients have also been shown to be very important for blood sugar regulation, something many people could use during the holiday season. Hangover

Prevention/Recovery Drip

We are not advocating that anyone consume alcohol excessively, over the holidays or at any other time. That said, there are specific nutrients that can help prevent a hangover, or to more quickly and completely recover after that holiday party. This IV contains high doses of all the B complex vitamins needed to process alcohol and its byproducts, with additional amounts of vitamin B5 and the trace mineral molybdenum. It finishes with a push of glutathione to maximize cellular detox and flood the body with its antioxidant support.

Immune Support Drip

Food, drink, and stress: the perfect storm for weakening the immune system and making a seasonal illness more likely. This IV is formulated with the nutrients that are well- established to enhance immune function such as vitamin C, zinc, and selenium.

Replenish Drip

All of the holiday indulgences are depleting. They deplete vitamins and minerals and our energy reserves. Sometimes a standard vitamin/mineral drip with a smidge extra vitamin C can make all the difference for recharging your battery.

IV Therapy is one of the most powerful tools available for recovery, whether from illness or otherwise. Call by December 15 to schedule an IV session and you’ll get 10% off the standard price.

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Greg Nigh

Dr. Greg Nigh, ND, LAc Medical Director, Primary Care Physician, Naturopathic Oncologist, Acupuncturist.

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