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Many patients I have spoken with in the last few years have expressed concerns about the health impact of electromagnetic fields (EMFs) associated with 5G wireless communication. I have read several studies on the effects these wavelengths have on living cells and tissue, and I believe those health concerns are absolutely justified.

For those of us who live in the city, 5G is an ubiquitous presence. While it is virtually impossible to avoid the exposure, I think we are wise to do what we can to minimize it. Unfortunately, soon the Starlink satellite network will begin raining 5G down from the skies, globally, making mitigation the only viable option. Even the deep wilderness will be under the blanket of 5G.

Recently I read a fascinating book, The Invisible Rainbow. It is not a quick read. It is a detailed and exhaustive history of the relationship between the electrification of the world starting back in the 1880s and its impact on the health of those exposed to the EMFs that came into being as a result. 

The book made it clear that it is not just 5G that we need to be aware of, but all EMFs, including those fields generated around the wires running through our walls, emanating from refrigerators and other home appliances (and most powerfully from microwave ovens), the wires lining our streets and tethered to our houses.

Prior to the electrification of cities, some conditions we now consider common were virtually unheard of and rarely documented in the medical literature of the time. These include tremors, anxiety, headaches, fatigue, and even diabetes. It’s not that these things didn’t exist at all, but they were rare conditions for patients to present to a physician with.

For example, it is noteworthy that the country of Bhutan did not build a residential power grid until 2002. Prior to its creation, the burning of wood was the primary energy source, and diabetes was virtually non-existent. Starting in 2004 and for the subsequent four years the number of new diabetes cases reported in Bhuran were 634, 944, 1470, and 1732 with 15 deaths. No change in the diet happened in this period of time.

The book has over 150 pages of citations. Nothing about the link between EMFs and health in this book is speculative; it is heavily documented. It brought to my awareness the fact that 5G is the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the health impact of EMFs, and EMFs are an ocean we are all perpetually swimming in.

I nor anyone else knows the extent to which EMF exposure contributes to chronic health problems. It is a study that is not likely to find a funder. But the book inspired me to look into various therapies and even equipment to help mitigate exposure and help repair the cellular processes that EMFs can impair. This includes therapies such as methylene blue and other nutrients to restore cellular energy production. It has also reminded me to utilize what are called “drainage remedies,” including some that specifically help to discharge energy absorbed from EMFs and stored in connective tissue.

Just as I was finishing this article up I received a Substack newsletter in my inbox. It addresses this same topic, offering several tips for how to minimize EMF exposure. You can read it here if you’d like.

If you think you might be sensitive to EMFs, or would just like to be proactive about protecting your living space and your health, let’s have a conversation dedicated to the topic. Call 503-719-4806 or email to schedule an appointment.

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