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Work-Study Programs

Even those who take out loans and receive grants to cover their tuition costs may still need help with other expenses. A work-study program is a good option for those students. In addition to our international students, we serve American and immigrant students that include Latino, Asian, European, Pacific Island, and many other populations that bring a wealth of perspectives to our community. It is this mixture of experiences that make Chemeketa an exciting place to learn. As one of our international students expressed, "I have a passion to study at a place where diversity and synergy are considered as assets, rather than liabilities." Colleges desperately need students willing to work in call centers, housekeeping departments and other areas. Most work-study programs pay more than minimum wage though some jobs may pay the national minimum wage. Instead of receiving a large check at the beginning of the semester, students get a check every week or two weeks. They can use that money to pay for room and board, textbooks, school supplies or other living expenses.


There are thousands of scholarships open to students today, including school specific scholarships and scholarships from nonprofit organizations. Some scholarships are even open to those who meet specific criteria, including those who are left handed, those from a online assignment writing specific cultural background and those studying certain topics. Many state colleges offer basic scholarship programs for incoming freshmen and other new students that give them a few hundred dollars or more simply for enrolling. Students can use scholarship money for any expense associated with attending college, including buying a new computer or paying for a dorm room.

College can cost up to $35,000 a year or even more, and many students don’t want to graduate with a high level of debt. Celsius in the winter to 25 degrees in the summer. Most of the rainfall occurs from November through March. The summer months are generally dry. Although Oregon is best known for its temperate climate and rain, it is also good to plan for summer heat and occasional winter snow.

Students hoping to graduate in good financial standing can look for scholarships, federal and private grants and work-study programs that help them pay for college without facing high loan payments later.

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