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What to shoot a video in if you have nothing to wear

Often "at the moment" there are no decent clothes to wear. They are either dirty, or not ironed, or something else. You are not alone, I often have this too, and yet I always find something I look good in. If you feel like you don't have things at all - consult a transcription online or a neighbor, friend, mom. Other people's opinions often help in these situations, even though it seems that you have nothing to save. If you do not know what to wear at all, you can choose only a shirt or T-shirt that looks decent at least on top and take off only the head, neck and shoulders, so as not to show flaws. Let your face be bigger, but it won't be obvious that your clothes are sloppy (you may not even wear pants - take them off right in your underpants). Step 4: Find a spot. What to do with the place if you need to shoot right now? You have to go through a long and painful process of cleaning your house or moving closets to make room for your shoot... My main recommendation: go outside! I don't think there isn't a decent place to shoot video in your neighborhood. There is always a place! Think about it, you'll probably remember a site that easily adds subtitles to your commercial video also look out after a couple of good cityscapes. I'll tell you a personal example. I (at the time of writing) have been studying and living at MSU for many years. For me this is an ordinary building, but for others it is a beautiful, huge, classy building, in front of which must be photographed. And when I need to take a video, I just go outside, choose a good angle so that I can see MSU and shoot a video. At the same time I take a few panoramic shots of the building and the neighborhood. The street solves the problem of location! You can shoot anywhere, but process and convert video only in one place well, you can shoot at least in the park, in a cafe with a table, near a beautiful building, fountain, monument or just on a bench. If you're in the country right now, take it outdoors! If you have a lake, a river or even the sea nearby, great! Get the idea? There are lots of good places! Show those places to your viewers! Just go outside and take pictures! If you don't feel like shooting outdoors, I suggest an alternative. Shoot it against a background of wallpaper. Preferably monochrome, so it does not sting the eye. And try to keep cabinets, posters and pictures out of the frame. Taking pictures in your office or at your workplace is not out of the question! That's a good option, too. RELATED RESOURCES: 5 movies made in the USA to watch with subtitles

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