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Completion of studies in a higher or secondary vocational educational institution always ends with a final state certification. Its integral part is the completion of a thesis or a graduation project and its defense before the attestation commission. The defense paper writer service of the final qualification work consists of several stages:

1. Protective speech or report, the right to pronounce, which will be given to the graduate after the announcement by the secretary of the state attestation commission of the topic of the thesis and the last name, first name and patronymic of its author.

2. Response to the remarks of the supervisor and the reviewer.

3. Answers to the questions of the members of the state attestation commission and, possibly, a discussion on the topic of the thesis.

The final grade largely depends on how competently the speech for the defense is composed. Speech can both reduce the impression of the members of the commission from a well-executed graduation project, and, on the contrary, create a more favorable impression compared to the text of the thesis, which paper writer may have had some shortcomings. Therefore, let's talk about the established rules for compiling and presenting a defensive speech.

- Since a graduate is usually allocated 10, maximum 15 minutes to defend a thesis or project, then in order to say everything that is required in a defense speech, it must be formulated as briefly and concisely as possible. There should not be any deviations from the main point.

- A meaningful defensive speech should contain a number of mandatory components:

× Relevance of the research topic.

× His goal and the tasks that reveal it.

× Object, subject, research hypothesis.

× Brief analysis of the literature on the research topic.

× Applied methodology to achieve the set goals and objectives.

× Structure of work corresponding to the goals and objectives.

× The main conclusions obtained in the course of the study and the degree of their novelty.

× The practical significance of the research for the future professional realization of the graduate as a specialist.

All these aspects should be covered in the report as concisely, logically and succinctly as possible.

All these aspects should be covered in the report as concisely, logically and succinctly as possible.

- When preparing for the defense of a graduation project, it is best to write a defensive speech in advance, show it to the supervisor, discuss with him the correct placement of semantic accents and basic formulations.

- It is also necessary to control the time spent on verbalization of speech. If it is more than 10 minutes, then you should continue to work on the conciseness of the wording and bring them to the desired time standard. If this is not done, then there is a risk of being interrupted by the commission during the defense speech. In this case, the impression of defending the thesis will be blurred, and the final grade may be lower.

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