The Perils of Sulfur Sensitivity


Sulfur. It is a blessing and a curse.

You can't live without it. Your connective tissue has to have enough sulfur to stay strong and to retain the water that keeps it flexible. Your cells need it to line their surface and regulate communication between them. Your liver needs it to detoxify an enormous number of chemicals, hormones, solvents, metals and other toxins we get exposed to every day.

But sulfur is also the cause of an enormous number of chronic health complaints. These range from headaches and anxiety, to hot flashes, digestive issues, skin rashes, chemical sensitivities and many others.


Discovering the health impacts of impaired sulfur metabolism has been one of the most profound discoveries of our clinical work. Patients with health complaints that have been misdiagnosed and mismanaged for decades have found relief with a program that addresses and corrects sulfur metabolism in the body. Virtually any chronic health complaint could be related to sulfur metabolism, because it is involved in all aspects of normal physiology. When its activities are impaired, disaster can strike. And most importantly, the standard detoxification therapies, such as cysteine, methionine, lipoic acid, glutathione and MSM, all contain high amounts of sulfur! So the very therapies being used to remove suspected toxicities could actually be making things worse!


Input and Outflow


There are two critical factors: sulfur coming into the body and sulfur going out. Implementation of our low sulfur diet is critical, and is the first step in correcting the underlying issue. Many sulfur-dense foods are the very foods that we associate with better health, foods such as garlic, onions and broccoli. And it isn't that those foods aren't healthy, it's just that they aren't healthy until sulfur metabolism is corrected. Until then, dietary sulfur just adds insult to injury, piling more sulfur on an already overheated situation.


Outflow of sulfur involves two important enzymes. These enzymes help to keep sulfur moving efficiently through the body. But they also get bogged down by a whole host of environmental and dietary factors. Once bogged, their sulfur-clearing activities slowdown, leading to excess sulfur in the body. This excess sulfur is repackaged as hydrogens sulfite, a gas that has a wide range of effects in the body.


Fixing the Sulfur Dilemma


Dr. Nigh and Maria have developed the most comprehensive sulfur detox and restoration protocol available anywhere. Patients completing this relatively short process have seen chronic pain, severe digestive complaints, panic attacks and anxiety, and a whole host of other issues resolve. Whether or not sulfur foods can be reintroduced later is left to determine through genetic testing, labs and good old trial and error. 


If you think that sulfur is a problem for you, or if you have had chronic symptoms that have been difficult or impossible to accurately diagnose, consider a consultation with Dr. Nigh. He ask the questions and obtain the labs that help to identify if sulfur is a problem. If it is, his work in conjunction with Maria could be the most important therapy you could do. 


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