Which Diet Helps Your Heart? Not the one you might think

September 12, 2015

Rank the following diets from most healthy for your heart to least healthy:


1. A diet high in meat and saturated fat, but no dairy


2. A diet low in fat, no dairy, and only lean meat


3. A diet high in dairy and saturated fat


If you listen to the health pundits you would likely think that a diet high in carbs and with lean meat would be best for your heart. And you'd be wrong.


A new study has confirmed what previous studies have shown: diets high in saturated fat, both from cheese and from meat, improve the cardiovascular risk markers much better than a diet high in carbs and lean meat.


In this study, 14 overweight individuals were rotated through each of these 3 different diets for two weeks on each diet. Labs were done to track the most important cardiovascular risk markers: HDL, LDL, apoA1 and apoB.


Both the high cheese diet and the high meat diets raised HDL and apoA1, two very protective factors. These are strong deterrents of plaque build-up in arteries. The high carb diet? No good changes. Note that the beneficial changes were measurable in just 2 weeks! It doesn't take long for dietary changes to reduce your risks.


If your doctor tells you to avoid saturated fat, you can confidently tell him or her that the scientific evidence doesn't support that recommendation. And if you want to know how to optimize your heart health even more, schedule with our nutrition therapist, Maria Zilka, to build a diet with the best of the best saturated and other fats.



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