Type 2 Diabetes: Infectious? Really?

July 5, 2015

There are lots of reasons not to be surprised that diabetes is more prevalent today than it was, say, 100 years ago, or even 20 years ago.


For instance, sugar.

What else might be behind diabetes? Well, what about chemical exposures? If that linked abstract seems technical, what it is suggesting is that most chemicals we are exposed to dissolve into fat, so exposure leads to chemicals accumulating in fat tissue.


In fact, a large portion of diabetes might be due to chemical exposures. The study stays that those exposed to a type of fat-soluble chemical called persistent organochlorides (POCs) have a 15-40x greater risk of being diagnosed with adult onset diabetes.


But let's see, what might be a cause that our medical industry would be able to turn into a profit? How about a bacteria! Yes, we can all rest assured that diabetes will be controlled with antibiotics!


One of the researchers of that study says, "We are working on a vaccine against the superantigens and we believe that this type of vaccine could prevent the development of Type 2 diabetes." Yes, you read that right. A vaccine for diabetes.


Diabetes is complicated. Is it dietery? Is it environmental? Is it both? Functional testing can help to tell the difference between the two.


One thing is pretty certain: there are better ways to prevent it than with a vaccination.

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