Reflux: When the Cure is Worse Than The Disease

June 15, 2015

Suppose your car makes an annoying squeeking sound. Not all the time, but lots of the time it makes this sound.


And suppose you take it to a mechanic, and your machanic figures out how to make the sound go away. And suppose you are told this:


"I can loosen this screw over here and you won't hear that squeek anymore. The thing is, if I do it will increase your chance of being in a crash by about 20%. Also, if you do get in a crash, your chance of dying in that crash will be between 25% and 40%.


What do you think are the chances you would tell your mechanic to go ahead and loosen that screw?


Proton pump inhibiting drugs have been prescribed for symptoms of reflux for over 25 years. It has been known for many years that these drugs interfere with absorption of calcium, vitamin B12, iron and other vital nutrients. Now, just to add insult to that injury, a large study has discovered that these drugs can increase the risk of having a heart attack by over 20%. And 25-40% of people die from their first heart attack.


Of all the chronic conditions that someone might present to our clinic with, reflux is one of the most responsive to some simple dietary changes. Not always, but often. We regularly have patients stopping these and other reflux medications within even a few days after making some changes to their diet.


If you are taking one of these medications to relieve reflux symptoms, do yourself a favor and get in for a visit. Not only will you likely get rid of your need for reflux medications, but your overall health will improve due to your improved digestion and absorption of many nutrients.


Call 503-719-4806 or email to schedule.

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