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Preparation of a report on undergraduate practice

During the practice, the student must write a report on undergraduate practice, which contains only the materials necessary to study the activities of the organization and complete the thesis. The materials used must be accompanied by analytical data. Also, in the process of internship, the student, together with the head of the diploma, must draw up an internship plan according to write my paper recommendations.

Often, the duration of this practice is about seven weeks. The place and time of the student's stay may vary depending on the conditions of the practical base of the enterprise.

During this time, the student must:

  • comply with the basics of safety and the mode of operation of the organization;

  • fully fulfill the tasks provided for by the passage plan, as well as the instructions of the head of the practice of the enterprise;

  • keep a diary , where to enter all data on the work performed, events that were held at the enterprise and in the department, etc .;

  • write a report on undergraduate practice.

Tips for registration in areas of study

Students of different universities and faculties may have completely different requirements. Marketing students are encouraged to pay attention to studying the market, competitors, the needs of customers and clients.

Lawyers in reports study legislative acts and normative documents. Economists are engaged in the calculation of profitability and other financial indicators of the state. Managers highlight the features of corporate culture and methods of managing personnel and the entire organization as a whole.Practice reports from the authors are highly unique and devoid of water. Place an order at for any kind of reports! Accounting students examine accounting policies, taxes, and accounting systems.

What is the difference between educational practice and production practice - the main differences in design and writing

In the life of a student, practice happens at least three times: educational, industrial and pre-diploma. The student is already boldly going to pre-diploma practice, relying on the experience of the previous ones by use hired service. But the first two are trickier if it's hard to imagine what to expect. What is the difference between teaching and work practice? What exactly to do there, besides completing the training tasks for the report?

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