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International Requirements for Dissertations

There are many conditions for obtaining a Ph.D. degree, and for a doctoral degree, several more requirements are added. In fact, this is a very painstaking and hard work. When choosing a topic and writing such works, one must take into account the need of society to study this field of science and further practical application for the benefit of the whole people. Simply put, first you need to understand the relevance and necessity of studying this issue. The requirements for defending a dissertation for the title, candidate of science, look like this:

  • First of all, you need to master the pedagogical program in graduate school, in the direction of preparing the work;

  • Persons with a higher education, with a confirming master's degree, and who have prepared a candidate's work in an organization. Which, gave a positive conclusion, to pass exams, candidate exams without postgraduate research activities;

  • Also, graduate students who have completed preparatory activities are not in accordance with the candidate's topic.

Scientists who successfully defended their Ph.D. can continue their research in the chosen direction and then apply for a Ph.D. But this is already "aerobatics". No need to expect any concessions from the dissertation council, these are no longer simple exams at the institute. You need to prepare thoroughly and thoroughly.

Preliminary examination of the dissertation

First you need to prove to the scientific council the relevance and relevance of your chosen topic for writing a dissertation. The application for the council must be endorsed by the head of the structural unit in which the candidate works. If at least half of the members of the Scientific Council vote for the topic, it can be considered recommended. With a successful topic approval procedure, the candidate automatically becomes a scientific consultant.

The next stage is a seminar of the laboratory department, to which co-authors are invited, and the personal contribution to the dissertation process is analyzed, the conclusion is transferred to the chairman of the Scientific Council. Reviewers are appointed for the selected topic profile. Then experts not related to the Scientific Council are invited and give their assessment of the work done. Based on the results of all stages passed, the Scientific Council makes a conclusion: recommend for defense, finalize or not recommend the work for defense.

If the work passes the stage with a positive conclusion. The candidate must bring it to an ideal state, in accordance with the comments. And they will definitely. After that, the work is formed in triplicate, sealed, and it is actually ready for protection. All these stages are regulated and take place in a strict order.

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