Metabolic Treatment of Cancer


The cancer treatment program at Immersion Health, under the direction of Dr. Greg Nigh, offers cancer patients a unique set of therapies with a singular focus: make the body hostile to the presence of any cancer cells. This is accomplished through a combination of 5 different types of therapy brought together.


First, intravenous (IV) nutrients are used to "unlock" the abnormal metabolism of cancer cells. Using a very specific order of IVs over the span of weeks, nutrients including dichloroacetate (DCA), DMSO, lipoic acid, vitamin C, choline, germanium and others are used to switch cancer cells back toward more normal cell functioning.


Second, strong immune activators are utilized to "wake up" the natural anti-cancer immune cells that all of us have in our bodies. For various reasons, these immune cells have become dormant in those with cancer. Specific nutrients and injection therapies such as Iscador, a mistletoe extract widely used in Europe, can strongly activate the anti-cancer immunity, causing a strong immune response against those cancer cells.


Third, a set of targeted supplements are used to accomplish a wide set of therapeutic goals. Some of these help to regulate gene expression that has gone haywire, some lower inflammation that drives cancer progression, and some alter hormone metabolism. Most importantly, Dr. Nigh is one of very few practitioners trained in and using the Kelley Enzyme Protocol. Based on the pioneering work of Dr. William Kelley, this protocol utilizes very high dose pancreatic enzymes to "strip away" the protein coating on cancer cells. This exposes them to the immune system and allows the immune activating therapies to go to work.


Fourth, the ketogenic diet, along with strategic calorie restriction, as a cornerstone of the program. Implemented under the guidance of nutrition therapist Maria Zilka, the ketogenic diet dramatically shifts the overall metabolic state of cancer patients. This creates an environment that deprives cancer cells of fuel, allowing all other therapies a much greater chance of success.


Finally, detoxification therapies assure that all organ systems are working optimally in every patient going through our program. Dr. Nigh has brought together traditional therapies and has formulated his own as well. Infrared saunas, detox foot and body baths, liver flushes, coffee enemas and other therapies keep patients feeling as optimal as possible throughout their course of treatment. Many patients, even those with advanced cancers, often report that they feel better than they have in years once they implement the program at Immersion Health.



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