Overview of IC Medicals for Practitioners

I put together this page to make my life easier. I want to introduce practitioners to this new excellent therapy that I use with patients and I think others might be interested in. But I suspect, once announced, there will be lots of questions about it. So, I have created the three relatively short videos below to explain the concept (video #1), the therapy (video #2), and how to use it as a practitioner (video #3).

Here are my heavily edited and thoroughly retouched videos explaining it all. I'm actually standing on a beach in Hawaii, but made it look like a typical living room so I don't seem, you know, elitist:

If, after all that, you are intrigued and would like to pursue this further, the first thing to do is register on the platform by clicking this link:

Register on the IC Platform 

Step two is to sign up for a practitioner membership by following this link:

Get Practitioner Membership

Consider signing up for a (free) month of Premium Membership yourself, as a user, and just try them out. You'll have to purchase an IC pad ($40 or $150), but other than that all downloads are free for the month.

And if, after all that explanation you still have questions, you can email me at drnigh@immersionhealthpdx.com. Turnaround time on emails is currently running at about 7 months, but I'll do my best. Ideal if you put something like "IC Medicals Question" in the subject line. That might expedite it to even just 2 or 3 months.

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