HOCATT™ Comes to the Pacific Northwest!

HOCATT stands for Hyperthermic Ozone and Carbonic Acid Transdermal Technique. That seems like a mouthful, but it doesn't begin to encompass the wide range of therapies that can be delivered during each HOCATT™ session. The HOCATT™ can facilitate intensive detoxification, skin rejuvenation and anti-aging therapies, cellulite mobilization and weight loss, oxygenation, and much more. The modalities built into the HOCATT™ make it ideal as both a stand alone set of therapies, and a perfect addition to a comprehensive program for treatment of cancer, chronic fatigue, mold illness, autoimmune disease, and much more.

  • Hyperthermia - Two built-in far-infrared heaters allow the core body temperature and basal metabolic rate to be increased, which facilitates detoxification, activates the immune system, and enhances the mobilization of fat within adipose tissue.

  • Transdermal Ozone - Ozone therapy is antimicrobial, oxygenating, and enhances energy production within cells. After an initial infusion of carbon dioxide into the sauna chamber, which reacts with steam to create carbonic anhydrase, the chamber is continuously circulated with ozone.

  • Pure Oxygen Breathing - Oxygen is vital for energy production. The HOCATT™ allows for breathing of 97% oxygen via an oxygen concentrator built into the system. Optionally, patients can engage in a guided set of exercises during their session in a therapy called Exercise With Oxygen Therapy (EWOT). EWOT has been extensively researched and shown to benefit a wide range of diseases and conditions.

  • Microcurrent - Metal foot plates allow for delivery frequency specific microcurrent (FSM) for the duration of the HOCATT™ session. These can be programmed to address any of a very wide range of conditions. FSM also has been extensively studied for its beneficial application to a wide range of conditions.

  • Far Infrared Light - Infrared light, in addition to heating the body, has additional benefits that extend beyond the heating effect. Infrared light helps to structure water within the body, literally "charging the battery" made of water. This battery can be used as an energy source, thus helping with fatigue, depression, and other conditions.

  • CO2/Carbonic acid - CO2 infused into the sauna immediately reacts with steam to produce carbonic acid (CA). CA diffuses through the skin, tightening the skin, benefitting connective tissue, and enhancing oxygen delivery to cells.

  • Essential Oil Infusions - A chamber within the water system of the HOCATT™ allows us to add customized essential oil blends to each session. We add organic essential oils of thyme, sage, cinnamon, lavender, or others depending on the individual indications.

  • Photon Light Therapy - Throughout each HOCATT™ session a panel of lights deliver photonic therapy encompassing a wide range of wavelengths associated with beneficial biological effects.

  • UV Irradiation - Very low-level ultraviolet radiation is created whenever a molecule of ozone is converted to oxygen and water. This UV light increases vitamin D production, sulfate production, and stimulates immunity.

Each therapeutic modality built into the HOCATT™ has a body of scientific evidence for its efficacy in producing various physiological effects. The HOCATT™ brings them together, allowing patients to experience any combination of these modalities in each 30-minute session.

The HOCATT™ can be used in single sessions, but it is designed to be used in series. It is pre-programmed to ramp up the intensity of each modality through a series of 10. There is a low-intensity set of 10 sessions for highly sensitive patients, and the standard starting intensity for those needing detox or weight loss support. Individuals starting with the low intensity sessions typically finish that series able to the move into the standard intensity sessions.


  • Single session (30 min): $130

  • Package of 10 sessions: $1100 ($200 savings)

  • Package of 20 sessions: $2000 ($600 savings)

  • Annual HOCATT™ subscriber (unlimited use for 1 year, up to once daily, with Dr. Nigh's approval): $5500 (a savings of thousands, potentially)

  • Maintenance single sessions (after having completed a package of 10 or 20): $100

  • Single session - This is most typically used for quicker return to full stamina following athletic competitions, strenuous outings, or general feeling of depletion. Think of it like an intensive oxygenating and detoxifying sauna session. This can also be used by those who want to experience the HOCATT ™prior to purchasing a package.

  • Package of 10 - This is a typical series for most patients to start with. It progresses from low intensity and moves into higher intensive sessions, progressing gradually with each session. 

  • Maintenance sessions - Upon completion of a series of HOCATT™ sessions, it is often helpful to do maintenance sessions. These can be from once weekly to once monthly. Maintenance sessions help to maintain the gains achieved during the more intensive series. 

  • Annual Subscriber - Many patients have very long-standing, chronic health issues that require a more intensive and extended schedule. This might include Lyme disease patients, mold illness patients, those with chronic heavy metal toxicity, cancer, fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue, or any of a number of other serious debilitating and/or degenerative conditioons. The annual membership is to make access to the HOCATT™ more affordable for ongoing use in these situations. Subscribers can schedule up to once daily for 1 year from the subscription date. Like all HOCATT™ users, subscribers must maintain follow up visits with Dr. Nigh in order to assure safe use of the HOCATT™.

We are thrilled to be able to offer this technology to our patients. It is an ideal addition to virtually every kind of treatment program we have our patients on. 

To schedule call the clinic at 503-719-4806. The HOCATT™ is available for use by patients of Immersion Health under the direction of Dr. Greg Nigh, and to individuals participating in cleanse or weight loss programs administered by our clinic. Call 503-719-4806 for details.

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