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Biography and Practice Philosophy

Dr. Hatlestad completed medical school at Southern Illinois University and residency at the University of Minnesota.  He also earned a Masters Degree in Nutritional Science from the University of Illinois prior to his medical training.    He has been Board Certified in Family Medicine since 1993.  He offers a broad background in both conventional and alternative medicine; bringing a fresh approach to patients who are discouraged with conventional medicine or desire a holistic perspective to their health care.  His approaches also include training in bioidentical hormone management, acupuncture, nutritional and botanical therapies, Ayurvedic Medicine, chelation, energy medicine and various injections therapies.  He has also been involved in several clinical research studies including the Trial to Assess Chelation Therapy with the NIH.  He has no malpractice issues in his practice history.

Examples of some conditions or treatment modalities used may include:


  • Functional Diagnostic Medicine to investigate underlying causes of chronic or degenerative conditions including vascular, neurologic, endocrine, rheumatologic, immune and digestive issues.

  • Comprehensive hormone management with BioIdentical Hormone Replacement for men and women and specialized thyroid management.

  • Comprehensive environmental detoxification for mold exposure and other organic compounds.

  • Use of nutriceuticals and non-pharmaceutical approaches to address mental or emotional imbalances.

  • Nutritional and intravenous therapies for vascular disease and other chronic or degenerative conditions.

  • Alternative treatments for chronic infections such as Candida, Lyme disease, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or Fibromyalgia.

  • Detoxification from Chemical dependencies using adjunctive non-drug therapies.

  • Alternative treatments for acute injuries and chronic musculoskeletal pain including acupuncture, neural therapy and regenerative injection therapy.

  • Weight management advocating therapeutic lifestyle modification and metabolic support.

  • No-scalpel vasectomy and other minor dermatologic procedures.

  • Coordination or integration of care between conventional medicine and patients invested in other alternative therapies.

“For me, Integrative Medicine draws on the best aspects of different medical traditions and innovative practices to provide new ways of thinking about both Health and Disease.   This includes taking advantage of the best of what conventional medicine has to offer.  I enjoy helping patients transcend a common understanding of their illness to achieve a new level of responsibility for their health; finding treatment plans that align with their agendas and empowering them as a partner toward optimal wellness.”





Dr. Hatlestad is not technically a practitioner at Immersion Health. He will maintain his own separate business, Integrative Medicine & Family Medicine. We include him as a practitioner here because Dr. Hatlestad's office is located within the clinic space of Immersion Health, and because we work in close collaboration with him to provide all of our patients with optimal and comprehensive care.

It is with great sadness that we announce Dr. Chris Hatlestad has been forced into retirement by the Oregon Board of Medicine. This is a tragic end to Dr. Hatlestad's long and outstanding practice as an integrative physician. No patient complaint against Dr. Hatlestad was ever filed with the board. Instead, he was targeted for his willingness to treat patients as individuals, not protocols, and to recognize and treat conditions the conventional medical world refuses to acknowledge as valid.
Dr. Hatlestad has created an organization devoted to fighting these draconian actions taken against himself and other integrative physicians in Oregon. We will keep his bio page here, and will update it over time with Dr. Hatlestad's efforts. We will also let people know what they can do to help him in this vitally important effort.

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