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Immersion Health is excited to announce the launch of BDFIT Restore, an app-based personal training program. It is the result of a collaboration that has been years in development.

We have long recognized that exercise is an essential component not only of general health and wellness, but is perhaps the most important cancer prevention therapy available. And not only cancer, but virtually every disease or chronic condition can benefit by some level of engagement in regular exercise, no matter how mild it might be initially. However, giving each patient exercise recommendations is extremely challenging, and typically ends up as general advice to "try to exercise regularly."

When we began our collaboration with BDFIT in the development of BDFIT Restore, we were thrilled from the start. It became clear that this was a way to guide patients through a progressive workout process, being instructed by one of the most knowledgable trainers in the business. We wanted to do it in a way that was more affordable than hiring a personal trainer at a gym. We are delighted to now be able to offer this program to our patients. This program is currently only available to patients of Immersion Health

What It Is

BDFIT Restore does far more than simply track your exercise. It is literally your own personal trainer leading you through very specific stretching and range-of-motion exercises, cardio and resistance exercises, and relaxation sessions every day. Brad Davidson is an internationally recognized fitness expert, speaker, and personal trainer to dozens of professional athletes. As the "BD" of BDFIT, Brad has created hundreds of short videos demonstrating the stretching, cardio, resistance, and relaxation exercises users are led through daily. There are three short training sessions each day, each one fully guided.

Also sprinkled throughout each 12-week training block are several educational videos by Dr. Nigh. Each one gives a quick, easy-to-understand explanation of some aspect of physiology as it relates to exercise and conditioning. Motivation for exercise is greatly enhanced when you understand the benefits happening "behind the scenes," and this is exactly what Dr. Nigh helps you understand as you progress through each program.


How It Is Structured

There are three individual "tracks" within the BDFIT Restore platform. Each track is progressive and moves forward in 12-week blocks. At the end of 12 weeks there is 1 week of rest, then is continuation to the next 12-week set of progressive exercises. These are progressive in the sense that every new day is walking you from a state of lower conditioning and flexibility (and perhaps higher stress), toward a progressively higher state of conditioning and flexibility and reduced stress level overall. The three tracks are:

Men's - This is intended for any male with access to a gym and the ability to get there regularly. The exercises can scale to virtually any prior level of conditioning. It is appropriate for those without any prior exercise program or experience, all the way up to regular exercisers who could benefit from some professional guidance, increased range of motion, and the benefit of daily check-ins.

Women's - Similar in structure to the men's program, the women's program is also intended for someone with gym access. The women's program makes modifications in all aspects of the training program - stretching, cardio/resistance, and relaxation - in order to optimize it for unique aspects of female physiology.

At Home - The At Home program is intended for those who do not have access to a gym, or who simply do not want to go to a gym for their daily exercise. This program is ideal for those individuals who are just starting out on an exercise program, who know they are poorly conditioned, and who need to start gently. All that is required is purchase of a stability ball and one set of relatively lightweight dumbbells. Brad's videos will guide you through the rest. Upon completion of the At Home program users might feel ready to "graduate" to the Men's or Women's program, or can continue their home routine indefinitely.


Those using the At Home program need to purchase a stability ball, sized according to height as given in the chart on this page. The ball can be purchased on that page as well. 


At Home users also need to purchase weights. Brad recommends a set of 5lb and 10lb dumbbells for women, and a set of 10lb and 15lb for men. These may seem like very light weights to use for building muscle mass. The trick is not in the weight, but in how it is used.


Each track contains 3 daily sessions:


Joint Mobility and Stretching (morning) - Each morning session can typically be completed in 10-12 minutes and entails a set of joint mobilization exercises to enhance range of motion, increase circulation in and around joints, strengthen connective tissue, and reduce the risk of injury.


Cardiovascular and Resistance Training (after work) - These sessions are more typically 20-30 minute sessions and progress through a set of exercises to boost cardiovascular conditioning while also gradually increasing muscle mass.


Restorative/Relaxation (evening/night) - Our parasympathetic nervous system is sometimes called the "rest and digest" nervous system. It calms us down and relaxes our body and mind. These restorative exercises including both gentle posture and breathing exercises to activate the parasympathetic nervous system, facilitating a deep and restorative sleep.


How It Is Scheduled


All three BDFIT Restore programs progress in 12-week intervals. The At Home program is unique in that it progresses through 2 12-week sessions, while the Men's and Women's programs continue through a full year. 


After each 12 week block is a rest week, at which point you are ready to sign up for another 12-week block. These progress through a full year, with new content, e.g. new range-of-motion exercises, new resistance exercises, new cardio, new restorative and relaxation exercises, offered throughout the year. Educational videos by Dr. Nigh also span the full year with new content there as well.


How It Is Priced


Each 12 week block is $400. This includes the app for your smart phone, access to a collection of hundreds of educational and instructional videos scheduled out each day, access to the online portal, ongoing Q&A access to Brad and/or Dr. Nigh, and tracking of your progress through the program. Given that a personal trainer will commonly charge $60-$100/hour at a gym and even more in-home, this meets our goal of making personal training more affordable for our patients, plus you get Dr. Nigh's educational videos and BDFIT Restore's full support to keep you motivated throughout the process.


Patients can contact Immersion Health at 503-719-4806 or email to find out how to sign up. You can also learn more about the program by visiting BDFIT Restore.

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