Asyra Evaluations: The Science and the Process


The Asyra is the most sophisticated device available for assessing energy patterns impacting the physical body, as well as factors affecting mental and emotional well-being. It utilizes an enormous catalogue of "electromagnetic signatures" related to infectious agents, nutrients, metals and environmental toxicants, hormones, foods and environmental allergens, and much more. By challenging the patient's body with each of these signatures, the Asyra offers a detailed report of which signatures are met with a strong skin response, and which ones provoke a weakened response. 


Bioenergetic medicine may seem a long way from "scientific medicine," the kind typically associated with research and published studies. The fact is, though, that it has strong scientific grounding. The history of this is long and fascinating, but two of the most salient points will help to illustrate how the Asyra works.  Read on if you want to know the details.


The Electromagnetic (EM) Activity of Connective Tissue


In the simplest sense, our bodies are made up of cells and the stuff outside of the cells. The stuff outside, to a very large extent, is connective tissue. This includes tendons, ligaments and cartilage in our joints, but also includes fascia, blood, and all the little spaces between and among the cells of our bodies. This space is filled with proteins that hold it all together. These proteins are unique, in that when any stress is put on them (as happens with even the slightest movement), they generate EM pulses. Once thought to be inconsequential, these pulses are now understood to serve as a communication system throughout the body, transmitting specific information over long distances between cells. 


Water as Information Carrier


The ability of water to absorb, store and transmit information has been known for some time, though a great deal of effort has gone into discrediting these findings. Most recently, a set of experiments took place that are hard to dismiss.


Dr. Luc Montagnier works at the prestigious Institute Pasteur in France. He achieved scientific fame as the discoverer of HIV, for which he won a Nobel Prize. More recently he has turned his attention to water and its ability to hold information. The experiments he performed and published are astounding in their implications, and were met with complete silence by the scientific community. He is not an easy one to dismiss as a fraud, so it is easier to ignore him. The experimental details are long and technical, but can be summarized this way:


Dr. Montagnier showed that water that contains DNA emits an electromagnetic "signature" signal, i.e. a signal that is unique to that specific DNA. That signal strengthens as the DNA becomes more and more dilute. Most importantly, the signal can be pass to pure water simply by placing the pure water next to the DNA water. After a short period of time, the pure water will emit the same electromagnetic "signature" as the DNA water, even though it contains no DNA!


Use In Medicine


These two facts - the wide distribution of EM signals to carry information throughout our bodies, and the ability of water to absorb, store and transmit that information - are foundations of the growing field of bioenergetic medicine.


Dr. William Tiller pioneered work on bioenergetic medicine, publishing many studies on the effects of EM fields on the body and health. In some of the most fascinating, he showed that holding specific intentions in the mind can have measurable and beneficial effects on cells and bodies, even when those bodies are thousands of miles away!


Several others have joined Dr. Tiller in researching the effects of bioenergetics on living systems. Concurrently, researchers in other areas have continued to study the fascinating properties of water and its diverse (and thoroughly unexpected!) roles in the body, including the storage of information, and production of energy for use by our cells. 


The Asyra brings all of this research and technology together. Just as DNA has information that is imparted to water, so do all nutrients, chemicals, hormones and even mental states and emotions have their own unique EM patterns that are imparted to the water that saturates our cells and tissues. Once the unique energy pattern of each one has been recorded and stored, that pattern can be "fed" back to the body. Using subtle changes in skin conductance as a gauge, each pattern can be categorized as beneficial, harmful, or neutral. Going one step further, the EM pattern of thousands of different supplements and therapies can be brought into this EM loop. Changes in skin conductance can, again, help determine which nutrients are most supportive for each specific individual tested.


Most importantly, once a set of beneficial energetic signatures has been identified, the Asyra will impart that wave pattern onto an iron coil at the base of a laser. When laser light is passed through an EM field, the light picks up an interference pattern that contains the information of that EM field. When that light then hits the body, the information is passed to the water of the cells and tissue.


In addition to the laser, the therapeutic EM pattern is imprinted onto a vial of pure water, much as Dr. Montagnier did in his experiments. This creates a customized homeopathic remedy. Both the laser and the homeopathic are used as part of a full plan to correct those underlying imbalances.


There are literally thousands of different assessments that can be done with the Asyra. Studies on its effectiveness have been conducted on allergies, thyroid disease and autoimmune conditions in particular, with each showing significant improvement in symptoms.


Maria has attended an intensive 4-day training program on working with the Asyra and uses it as part of her comprehensive nutrition and digestive analysis. In addition to assessing nutritional and digestive health, Maria also uses the Asyra to assess all organ systems in the body, infectious influences, heavy metal and environmental toxicities, and even emotional influences and thought patterns that might be negatively impacting health.


Work with the Asyra evolves over a series of sessions. After each assessment, the results are discussed, then a laser imprinted with the beneficial treatment information is used on each patient. Finally, a unique homeopathic remedy is imprinted and dispensed  to take home for daily dosing.


Assessment with the Asyra costs $150 per session, which includes the laser scan and dispensing of the homeopathic remedy. Typical programs span between 3 and 12 sessions. Patients paying for a package of 3 to 6 sessions receive a 10% discount on each session, and packages of 7-12 sessions receive a 20% discount per session.


Bioenergetic medicine is not the answer to all problems, but it is a very important step toward a comprehensive understanding of health, disease and what it takes to bring our bodies back into balance.


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