Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) Therapies

In addition to her nutrition therapy work, Maria has been trained and certified in several modalities related to regulation of the ANS.

The ANS is what controls all the aspects of the nervous system that you don't have to think about: regulating your heart and breathing, secreting digestive enzymes, controlling your blood pressure, etc. Beyond these functions, though, the ANS plays a profound role in our stress response and general level of anxiety in response to our world.

Maria is using several therapeutic modalities in the clinic specifically to address imbalances in the ANS. Correction of these imbalances allows all other therapies to work more optimally.

Safe & Sound Protocol (SSP)

Based on the polyvagal theory of ANS dysregulation, the SSP utilizes filtered audio files to "reprogram" the ANS for relaxation and calm. Through a progression of in-person or remote visits with Maria, patients listen to a series of intensive listening sessions, each one moving the patient toward greater ANS resiliance.


Skin resistance has a long history of research and clinical use as a reflection of the state of the ANS. Asyra uses skin resistance to assess the body's response to hundreds of challenges, including foods, viruses, bacteria, molds and environmental allergens, toxic chemicals, and even thought patterns. Responses to each of these challenges is used to create a customized therapy for each patient.


Vagus Nerve Regulation Exercises

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