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Welcome to Immersion Health

Immersion Health opened its doors in 2014. Dr. Greg Nigh and Maria Zilka, the clinic's founders, have collaborated on cancer treatment for 10 years. Immersion Health brings them together to offer intensive, comprehensive and individualized programs for the treatment of all types and stages of cancer. In addition to cancer care, Dr. Nigh offers the full range of primary care medicine, including functional lab testing and genetic polymorphism analysis.
Immersion Health was started as an intensive naturopathic oncology clinic. Dr. Nigh develops comprehensive and intensive treatment programs for all types and stages of cancer. 
The cancer treatment approach at Immersion Health is unique, recognizing cancer as a metabolic disease. At Immersion Health we are delivering therapies that address all aspects of health and vitality, because long-term success against cancer depends on a strong immune system, low inflammation, ongoing detoxification, lifelong nutritional strategies, stress management, physical activity and much more. Immersion Health brings this all together into individualized treatment plans that optimize every individual's potential for recovery and ongoing wellness.
In addition to cancer treatment, Dr. Nigh brings these same metabolic therapies into the treatment of many patients with difficult chronic conditions such as mold-related illness, Lyme disease, chronic fatigue/immune dysregulation syndrome (CFIDS), fibromyalgia, and others. In practice for over 17 years, he works collaboratively with clinic co-owner and nutrition therapist Maria Zilka. They have had great success treating patients with thyroid disorders, autoimmune diseases, diabetes, hypertension and heart disease, Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis, menopausal symptoms and much more.


Dr. Greg Nigh, ND, LAc

Dr. Greg Nigh co-founded Immersion Health in 2014 with Maria Zilka, NTP. Dr. Nigh is a graduate of the National College of Natural Medicine (now the National University of Natural Medicine, NUNM), where he completed both the Naturopathic Doctor (ND) program and the Master of Science in Oriental Medicine (MSOM) programs. Prior to studying naturopathic medicine, he attended the University of Notre Dame, where he received his Bachelor's in English, and he then completed a Master of Humanities program at Arizona State University...

Maria Zilka, NTP

Maria received her Nutrition Therapist Practitioner certification in 2007 and has been working since that time with Dr. Greg Nigh. She is responsible for patient education and implementation of a wide variety of therapeutic diets with patients of the clinic. Maria is one of the most experienced nutrition therapists in the country regarding implementation of the unique ketogenic diet used in the cancer treatment programs. She does consulting with NDs and MDs around the country, assisting their patients with implementing this diet program...

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"Walk as if you are kissing the earth with your feet."

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